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The End Of What I Thought Was A Close Friendship

Thursday, Apr. 05, 2007 - 9:10 a.m.

Well whether it was Stephanie's intention or not she just busted up the close friendship Cody and I spent over 5 years perfecting. She has been so mean to me every time I talk to her. Cody constantly excuses her with "She's having a bad day" or some such shit. Well I've had bad days too, you don't see me verbally abusing someone on a regular basis. And the things she said, they were not from someone having a bad day. She meant every word of those things. Plus she has never apologized for any of the horrible things she has said to me. So don't blame that on a bad day, usually if someone has a bad day they try to apologize to people who they may have hurt and upset.

And Cody was actually blaming ME!! He said how I shouldn't have messaged her, and not to put him in the middle..whatever. She was going to screw up the friendship. She hated me and I am so convinced she would have found a way to sabatoge the friendship. She also UNinvited me to the wedding even though Cody on numerous occasions invited me.

I swear if Jeff talked to any of my friends like she talked to me, I would give him a major cussing out and be apologizing repeatedly to that person. Cody didn't even seem to care. And if it was Cody he talked to like that, even said half the things she did, I would be madder than hell. It was verbal abuse and she meant every fucking word. I bet Cody could ask her on a day when she's in the best mood of her life, and she would say she meant it.

Cody CLAIMS to have seen the log. I can't help but wonder if she altered the log to make herself look good. For example in one part, she said she knew him better and kept insisting it...and he tells ME to not argue on who knows him better. HELLO..I didn't!! She was insisting it nonstop!! Well just in case he actually wants to hear the truth and believe in me I'm pasting the log on here so I can have a copy to show him.

November009 (11:11:19 PM): Hi
November009 (11:11:28 PM): CONGRATS!!!!!!
November009 (11:12:10 PM): talk to me please
spazzyachio325 (11:12:19 PM): im busy
November009 (11:12:40 PM): can't we talk a little bit??
November009 (11:12:45 PM): I really want to be your friend..why don't you like me??
spazzyachio325 (11:12:58 PM): i will never meet you so what is the point
November009 (11:13:04 PM): well yeah you will
November009 (11:13:06 PM): Cody and I plan to meet
November009 (11:13:09 PM): and I'm invited to your wedding
November009 (11:13:42 PM): so we will meet at your wedding
spazzyachio325 (11:13:59 PM): um...are you sure about that.
November009 (11:14:11 PM): umm yeah
November009 (11:14:17 PM): why?? you know something i don't??
spazzyachio325 (11:14:49 PM): i am sorry...but a of all i do not know you and neither does cody really..and we do not have the space
November009 (11:15:00 PM): well he's already invited me
spazzyachio325 (11:15:06 PM): nor do we know how you act outside of the computer and that is not a risk I am willing to take..and i jsut talked to him
spazzyachio325 (11:15:09 PM): i am uninviting you
spazzyachio325 (11:15:47 PM): i am doing the planning and know what space is available to me...and we are already way past too many..and they are close friends
November009 (11:15:52 PM): what do you have against me??
November009 (11:16:01 PM): well Cody and I are very close friends
spazzyachio325 (11:16:02 PM): nothing. we do not know you.
November009 (11:16:03 PM): have been for years
November009 (11:16:07 PM): he's known me longer than you even lol
spazzyachio325 (11:16:07 PM): and no you are not
spazzyachio325 (11:16:18 PM): you have never don't make close friends over the damn internet
November009 (11:16:27 PM): Cody and I have
spazzyachio325 (11:16:28 PM): that is for creepy ass people that don't get out and have a real life
November009 (11:16:31 PM): we consider each other very close friensd
spazzyachio325 (11:16:32 PM): and no you have not
spazzyachio325 (11:16:37 PM): and no you don't..
November009 (11:16:37 PM): I do have a real life thank you
spazzyachio325 (11:16:42 PM): you may feel that way...
November009 (11:16:43 PM): and Cody and I are very close friends
spazzyachio325 (11:16:50 PM): like i may feel as such
November009 (11:17:17 PM): Cody feels this way too
spazzyachio325 (11:17:33 PM): im sorry but i know my fiance better than you
November009 (11:17:40 PM): are you sure about that??
spazzyachio325 (11:17:49 PM): yes actually i am
November009 (11:17:50 PM): so what are you saying?? Cody is faking a close friendship with me??
spazzyachio325 (11:18:09 PM): YOU DONT EVEN FUCKING TALK TO HIM often!
November009 (11:18:12 PM): yes I do..
November009 (11:18:15 PM): I've known him longer than youw
November009 (11:18:17 PM): we talk on the phone
November009 (11:18:19 PM): and on here quite often
November009 (11:18:27 PM): so are you saying Cody is a liar??
spazzyachio325 (11:18:31 PM): you havent can't knwo someone until you meet them
November009 (11:18:32 PM): he says and I are very close friends ALL THE TIME
November009 (11:18:41 PM): that's not true I hate to tell you
November009 (11:18:48 PM): so are you saying Cody is lying or maybe you're wrong??
November009 (11:19:08 PM): and Cody can invite whoever he wants to the wedding
November009 (11:19:13 PM): and he's already invited us
spazzyachio325 (11:19:23 PM): and he said i have the are UNINVITED
November009 (11:19:30 PM): well ask him if he still feels that way...
November009 (11:19:33 PM): don't know what you have against me
November009 (11:19:37 PM): I have tried to be your friend all along
spazzyachio325 (11:19:39 PM): im talking to him right now actually
November009 (11:19:42 PM): I have tried very hard to be nice to you
spazzyachio325 (11:19:52 PM): i dont make friends online
November009 (11:20:05 PM): well he has
November009 (11:20:07 PM): and he want sme there
spazzyachio325 (11:20:31 PM): there are two in a relationshp
spazzyachio325 (11:20:35 PM): if you show up you will not be let in
November009 (11:20:40 PM): he'll let me in
spazzyachio325 (11:20:44 PM): no he won't
November009 (11:20:47 PM): are you saying COdy is a liar when he says how close of friends me and him are??
November009 (11:22:20 PM): and I'm not going to argue over who knows Cody better...
November009 (11:22:23 PM): you want to do that, go ahead...
November009 (11:22:27 PM): but Cody and I are very close friends
November009 (11:22:29 PM): and I'm sorry if you don't like that
November009 (11:22:36 PM): we have been close friends for 5 years
November009 (11:22:39 PM): and nothing will change that
November009 (11:22:47 PM): I'm not trying to steal him from you or anything like that
November009 (11:22:52 PM): so you can just stop feeling so threatened by me
spazzyachio325 signed off at 11:25:10 PM.

You know I just thought of the perfect question to ask him if I was going to talk to him again which I'm not. I should ask him in the 5 years+ we have known each other, have I EVER lied to him?? Have I ever NOT had his best intentions at heart??

He always wants me to believe in him and I do..why can't he do the same for me??

I am still really upset. I cried like crazy last night. Cody says he's still there if I want to talk to him but in my opinion if a friend won't stick up to you and ALLOWS you to be verbally abused like that, what kind of friend are they?? Not only allow it, but blame the person who was abused. That's just bullshit. I think I'm going to block all his screen names and e-mail addresses. It's just easier that way. Plus I don't even think he realizes just how much I'm hurting. :(( Oh and on a side note..he didn't even thank me for the birthday card I sent him. :`(((

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